A relaxing environment surrounded by nature, located in the heart of the cool hills of authentic Tuscany

Whether you want to give yourself a break from everyday stress or simply spend a few days discovering the unspoiled nature and products of our lands, Castello di Bucignano is the answer to your need for relaxation.

But we are not satisfied with a breathtaking view, we want to guarantee a patrician experience, sealed by the completeness of our services.

Relax in Agriturismo, Hotel, Ristorante in Toscana - Castello di Bucignano

Relax, recollect yourself, move away from you every other thought.
Let the world around you fade into indistinctness.

Italo Calvino


Let yourself the peace of a restful sleep
thanks to the warmth of our rooms

Castello di Bucignano
Montecastelli Pisano - 56041
Toscana - Italia
+39 388 1075717
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